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Bankruptcy relief has been essential to the economic success of the United States for over 200 years. The purpose of bankruptcy is obtaining a fresh start and lifting the weight and pressure of creditor calls, letters, lawsuits, garnishments and attachments. We take pride in helping you to understand bankruptcy and decide if it the best solution for you. If it is, a bankruptcy attorney will provide you personal attention from the initial consultation through the conclusion of the matter. We will assist you in navigating the complex bankruptcy process, so that you can enjoy some peace of mind, and look ahead to better days. GET STARTED now with a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer. 

Our bankruptcy lawyers serve clients throughout Arizona.  We are located in Chandler, Arizona close to Phoenix, Arizona; Queen Creek, Arizona; Gilbert, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; City of Maricopa, Arizona; Florence, Arizona; Coolidge, Arizona; and Pinal County, Arizona.  We also offer appointments in Tucson, Arizona and provide bankruptcy representation by telephone to clients anywhere in Arizona.

Why Don’t You Drive a Hyundai Accent?

In 2011, a brand new Hyundai Accent can be had for under $10K.  That’s much less than half the price of the average new car.  But this peppy little car can’t even crack the top 10 for sales.  So, I ask you – why don’t you drive a Hyundai Accent?  Because you want more than a stripped-down, cramped, mediocre crash-test scoring mode of transportation.  You want a car with features, interior room, and safe design.
Hyundai decided to position the Accent as a car that is attractive on price alone.  As a result, other desirables (like air conditioning) and even some necessities (like antilock brakes and adequate frame reinforcement for crashes) are chopped from the base model.  

Sadly, there are bankruptcy attorneys who have decided to position themselves as the Hyundai Accents of bankruptcy attorneys.  Will they get you where you want to go?  Probably.  Will it be a comfortable trip?  Unlikely.  Could it be downright dangerous?  Definitely. 

Keep this in mind: if a lawyer has to compete solely on price, there is a reason – lack of experience, lack of good client service, or lack of ability to effectively represent your interests in Bankruptcy Court.  

I advertise as an affordable bankruptcy attorney.  But, that doesn’t mean cheap.  It doesn’t mean Hyundai Accent.  It means good value while also being reliable, comfortable, and safe.  It means we’re a Honda Accord law firm.  And, hey, that’s even what I drive!  

(P.S. If you do happen to drive a Hyundai Accent, I still think you're a good person, and probably an excellent budgeter too.)


When Is The Right Time?

Recently, a friend and small business owner asked me: “At what point should someone start considering Bankruptcy?”  This is a difficult question to answer, and it varies greatly depending on the situation.  Nevertheless, as one of the Arizona bankruptcy judges – Judge Case – has stated, “Fundamentally, bankruptcy is a matter of timing.”   So, it is important to establish your timeline as you are feeling overwhelmed by debt.
Bankruptcy is a major step to take, and for most people it has never crossed their mind as an option.  As a result, most people are unfamiliar with what Bankruptcy even really is; let alone whether or not they should consider it.  The current economic conditions have put many people in this rather foreign territory. 
As I explained to my friend, there is no general rule about when one should consider filing or when they should in fact file.  However, there are several common circumstances that, taken together, can provide a litmus test as to whether you should seriously consider Bankruptcy.

Of Bankruptcy Lawyers and Used Car Salesmen

Lawyers often get stereotyped as unethical, greedy, or arrogant.  Just think of all the Lawyer jokes you've heard.  But, there is one profession that may have an equally bad rap – used car salesmen.
Admittedly, some of the reasons behind both of the above stereotypes are legitimate.  However, while I started my firm with the goal to change minds about lawyers, today I’m also going to compliment at least one member of the used-car sales profession.  His name is Cameron, and I bought my first car from him over a decade ago.  Cameron worked at a tiny, rundown, roadside car lot with about 15 vehicles.  I’m sure he barely made enough to support his family.  Yet, he was friendly, helpful, interested in his potential customers, and never pushy.  He had a reputation that was passed by word of mouth around my college, and whenever someone mentioned needing to purchase a car, frequently the conversation would end with: “Go see Cameron, he’ll take good care of you.”

Personal Bankruptcy and Your Small Business

Many individuals facing potential Bankruptcy are small business owners.  They may be the only or one of a few shareholders of an S-Corporation or only member of a Limited Liability Company.   This complicates the nature of the Bankruptcy estate and limits what can be accomplished in the discharge.
Generally speaking, a small business that is incorporated under state law is its own legal entity, separate from the actual people that own it.  However, in a Bankruptcy, the Trustee takes control of the Debtor’s assets and property as if they were the true owner.  They can do with those assets anything that a typical owner of property can do.  The debtor’s ownership of an LLC or small corporation is an asset of which the Trustee may take possession.  If the business has significant assets, inventory or accounts receivable, the Trustee may find a way to assert control of these, and in some cases, dissolve the business.