Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Filing for Bankrutpcy

Consumer spending, one of the primary indicators of economic health and growth, is made possible by readily available credit to consumers.  Unfortunately, the ease with which consumers can get credit for goods and services also makes it very easy to get into unmanageable debt.  While many good, hardworking people can maintain their debts, it only takes a trip to the hospital or family emergency or loss of work to miss a payment and send that debt spiraling out of control.
An unmanageable debt is a terrible burden to bear.  Debtors often feel ashamed at their inability to pay, indignant towards their creditors, fearful of legal repercussions and powerless to solve the issue.  Such a situation makes going about daily life extremely difficult, puts strains on families and hinders the debtors’ ability to find help and a solution.  Bankruptcy law exists to remedy these problems. 

Bankruptcy is a critical part of our legal system that has goes back hundreds of years to English law.  If used correctly, bankruptcy helps strengthen society and the economy by giving a fresh start to individuals and families that contribute to the economic well being of the country.  It helps keep families together, frees up resources and income for children, and renews the confidence and work ethic of debtors.  After bankruptcy, the consumer comes out of it with a whole new sense of financial responsibility and positive outlook on life.
Bankruptcy is a tool at your disposal.  Tools solve problems, and one should never feel guilty about solving a problem.