Why Don’t You Drive a Hyundai Accent?

In 2011, a brand new Hyundai Accent can be had for under $10K.  That’s much less than half the price of the average new car.  But this peppy little car can’t even crack the top 10 for sales.  So, I ask you – why don’t you drive a Hyundai Accent?  Because you want more than a stripped-down, cramped, mediocre crash-test scoring mode of transportation.  You want a car with features, interior room, and safe design.
Hyundai decided to position the Accent as a car that is attractive on price alone.  As a result, other desirables (like air conditioning) and even some necessities (like antilock brakes and adequate frame reinforcement for crashes) are chopped from the base model.  

Sadly, there are bankruptcy attorneys who have decided to position themselves as the Hyundai Accents of bankruptcy attorneys.  Will they get you where you want to go?  Probably.  Will it be a comfortable trip?  Unlikely.  Could it be downright dangerous?  Definitely. 

Keep this in mind: if a lawyer has to compete solely on price, there is a reason – lack of experience, lack of good client service, or lack of ability to effectively represent your interests in Bankruptcy Court.  

I advertise as an affordable bankruptcy attorney.  But, that doesn’t mean cheap.  It doesn’t mean Hyundai Accent.  It means good value while also being reliable, comfortable, and safe.  It means we’re a Honda Accord law firm.  And, hey, that’s even what I drive!  

(P.S. If you do happen to drive a Hyundai Accent, I still think you're a good person, and probably an excellent budgeter too.)