Of Bankruptcy Lawyers and Used Car Salesmen

Lawyers often get stereotyped as unethical, greedy, or arrogant.  Just think of all the Lawyer jokes you've heard.  But, there is one profession that may have an equally bad rap – used car salesmen.
Admittedly, some of the reasons behind both of the above stereotypes are legitimate.  However, while I started my firm with the goal to change minds about lawyers, today I’m also going to compliment at least one member of the used-car sales profession.  His name is Cameron, and I bought my first car from him over a decade ago.  Cameron worked at a tiny, rundown, roadside car lot with about 15 vehicles.  I’m sure he barely made enough to support his family.  Yet, he was friendly, helpful, interested in his potential customers, and never pushy.  He had a reputation that was passed by word of mouth around my college, and whenever someone mentioned needing to purchase a car, frequently the conversation would end with: “Go see Cameron, he’ll take good care of you.”

So, what does this have to do with Bankruptcy Attorneys?  Well, in this market, more and more firms are hiring hard-sellers to push you into a bankruptcy, even if bankruptcy is not in your best interest.  And, once they close the sale, those firms forget about you as a person.  They already have their money, and that’s all they were interested in.
At the Neeley Law Firm, we will never pressure you.  And, we will not recommend bankruptcy to you if it is not your best option.  Occasionally we lose a potential client that we could have “sold” a bankruptcy to if we were more aggressive.  But, in the end, we’d rather know that we’ve done right by everyone who has come through our doors.  And, hopefully, sometime when someone mentions needing a bankruptcy lawyer, the conversation will end with: “Go see the Neeley Law Firm.  They’ll take good care of you."