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Bankruptcy relief has been essential to the economic success of the United States for over 200 years. The purpose of bankruptcy is obtaining a fresh start and lifting the weight and pressure of creditor calls, letters, lawsuits, garnishments and attachments. We take pride in helping you to understand bankruptcy and decide if it the best solution for you. If it is, a bankruptcy attorney will provide you personal attention from the initial consultation through the conclusion of the matter. We will assist you in navigating the complex bankruptcy process, so that you can enjoy some peace of mind, and look ahead to better days. GET STARTED now with a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer. 

Our bankruptcy lawyers serve clients throughout Arizona.  We are located in Chandler, Arizona close to Phoenix, Arizona; Queen Creek, Arizona; Gilbert, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; City of Maricopa, Arizona; Florence, Arizona; Coolidge, Arizona; and Pinal County, Arizona.  We also offer appointments in Tucson, Arizona and provide bankruptcy representation by telephone to clients anywhere in Arizona.